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Tank Truck Spare Parts


FYTG01 Probe

The AILE probe is designed to be mounted through a 50mm hole and sealed with a gasket and locknut or screwed directly into a 50mm BSP thread. Access to the height adjustment for the probe or the wiring is through the top of the housing. The probe can be adjusted by loosening the internal capscrews and sliding the probe up or down to the correct sensing height.

The body has provision for two cable entries, M20 eliminating the need to mount a tee with cover in the conduit line.This allows for better connections, easier fault finding and quicker installation.



Aluminium lid, body & compression bush, Nitrile seals, Zinc plated screws & washers.
AILE's NEW AGP102/105 OVERFILL PROTECTION Probe provides all the features associated with optic overfill protection probe technology. Combined with this, the probe has some significant advantages in the areas of specialist applications.
Applications like corrosive chemicals, high temperature and low temperature require specialised materials of construction. As such, the one piece glass probe developed by.
Liquip, solves the problems associated with these environments. The unique construction of this probe means there is no possible attack either chemically or atmospherically (temperature range from -40c to +100c).
The probes, like all Liquip probes, are designed to be totally interchangeable with other approved systems.


Technique Specification

Will accommodate probe dia.22.3mm to 25.5mm with min. probe length70mm.
Maximum length of probe inside housing is 87mm.
Maximum plate thickness for mount is.
Overall height is 101mm, overall dia. is 107mm.
Weight 1.1 kg.
Mounting via 50mm BSP male thread or into 62mm dia. Hole.
Made by Australia LIQUIP co.ltd.

Features & Benefits

Glass body.
Solid state electronics in the compound.
Unique light reflection system ensures accuracy.
Probe dimensions universal to existing flanges.
Self checking circuitry for fail-safe operation.


FYTG01 Probe