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FDP320 Manuel Urea Pump

FDP320 manual pump is suitable for transferring lubricating oil,diesel oil,DEF(Adbule)and other low viscosity liquid in food and chemical industry.

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Quick Details

Type: Other
Size: For 2" NPT/BSP Bung Adapter
Brand Name: AILE
Model Number: SDP320
Warranty: 1 Years
Output: 11oz per stroke(33ml)
DEF Compatibility: AUS32 Diesel Exhaust Fluid


quick , economical hand pump
55 gallon
11oz per stroke
as an emergency backup
Item No:SDP320-BE Blue Color
Item No:SDP320-OE Orange Color

Packaging & Delivery

Delivery Detail: 3 weeks


Order type information

FDP320-D: Nitrile seals suitable for pumping lubricating oil,transmission fluids,anti freeze fluid,cutting oils etc.
FDP320-VT: Viton seals suitable for pumping water based liquids,AdBlue and many other chemicals and in-organic acids stored in plastic containers.
FDP320-EP: E.P.D.M seals suitable for a more specialized range of fluids such as alcohol,diluted alkaline and organic acids.
FDP320-FDA: FDA approved viton seals and total food grade polypropylene with no harmful colouring pigments where full food contact is required. Supplied with 1meter of food grade PVC hose 2" BSP drum fitting and uptake pipe to suit 25-205ltr containers.

Features & Benefits

Handle design accord with human body mechanics easy for transferring AdBlue ® Urea and DEF from tanks and drums.
Discharge approx.330mls per stroke.
Telescopic uptake pipe.400-915mm Polypropylene with approved AdBlue®seals.
Polypropylene with approved AdBlue ® seals.
Hose kits available upon request with approved AdBlue.
For teansferring other fluids,regular material could be changed on client's requirement,also suitdble for food industry.
Equipped with safety lock according to customer's requirements,order type:FDP320-FS.


FDP320 Manuel Urea Pump