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Underground Storage Tank Equipment


FYRQ-E1 5GL Grade Level Spill Container

FYRQ-E1 5GL Grade Level Spill Container is designed to prevent spilled product from entering the soil.



Cover: PA66 nylon/Cast Iron
Mounting ring: cast iron
Bellows: polyethylene
Base: cast Iron
Clamps: stainless steel
Seals: buna-N

Features & Benefits

Equipped with a fiber reinforced composite snap-on cover for easy access.
The durable and fiexible polyethylene shell gives with natural tank movements.
Equipped with a cast iron deflector ring to protect from heavy traffic and truck plows.
The cast iron base (or composite base) easily threads onto the tank riser.
Pull to push drain to relase contained product into the underground storage tank.
Thread-on spill containment screw directly onto 4" NPT or BSP risers.
Integral pull-to-open drain valve: allows high-speed drainage of excess product into the tank.
Capacity: available in a true 5 gallon capacity.
Rain-shedding cover: available in cast iron, this unique design incorporates a seal in the underside of the cover.
A rugged optional cast iron base is also available.Outer packing: Carton dimensions: 46 x 45 x 40.5cm N.W.: 29.5kgG.W.: 31.85kg.

FYRQ-E1 Container Shown

FYRQ-E1 5GL Grade Level Spill Container