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Vapor Recovery System Products


YQLD-01 COAX Safety Break

Against drive-off incidents, For assembly between vapour recovery nozzle and COAX hose assembly. Separates at axial or angular pullof forces less than 150kg. Again and again motorists leave the nozzle inserted in the filler neck of their cars when pulling off the forecourt. Most drive-away incidents are not published –but they happen every day, due to absentmindness, rush – e.g.after a petrol theft, and occasionally vandalism. AILE COAX break-away couplings prevent dispensers from being pulled over and fuel spills. In other words: They save costs.



Body: aluminium alloy
Seals: viton

Features & Benefits

INTEGRATED SWIVEL: The AILE COAX Safety Breaks have an integrated swivel which substitutes the standard swivel. This saves costs, and there is only a minimal increase in weight and size of the nozzle.
OPTIMAL FIT FOR THE ZVA SYSTEM: AILE COAX Safety Breaks are well suited to our ZYQ-200 Vapor nozzles , as they maintain the excellent flow rates. A large number of thread connectiongs are available.
NO THROWAWAY MENTALITY: Our Safety Breaks are reusable. After a separation the coupling can be re-assembled by qualified service personnel.
EASY INSTALLATION: Existing dispensers without Safety Breaks can be easily retrofitted.

YQLD-01 COAX Shown

YQLD-01 COAX Safety Break