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Manual Nozzles


A1295 Series of Manual High-flow Nozzle

A1295 Series of Manual High-flow Nozzle is for high-flow, bulk fuel oil delivery service.



Body:cast aluminum
Seals:buna-N, viton
Main stem:brass




Ordering Specifications

Inlet size: BSP3/4", NPT3/4"
Outlet diameter: 15/16"
Flow rate: 0-60L/m (15/16")

Inlet size: BSP1+1/2", NPT1"+1/2", BSP2", NPT2"
Outlet diameter: 110/13"
Flow rate: 0-290L/m (110/13")


Replacement Parts

Key 1: spout
Key 2: main valve assembly
Key 3: cap
Key 4: lever
Key 5: replaceable swivel

Features & Benefits

Working pressure:0.18MPa
Aluminum body: light weight and easy to operate.
Compound lever: two fulcrum points permit nozzle to be easily and slowly opened, then quickly opened fully makes topping off easy.
Easily replaced spout: the spout is easily threaded into the body.
Replacement spouts available.
Replaceable hold-open rack: one-hand control of hold-open mechanism gives easy setting of flow rate.
Nozzle must be attended at all times during usage.
Replaceable composite lever guard: easy, low cost replacement should be guard against broken.
Easily replaced swivel: can change the connecting between different thread and different caliber.
100% factory tested.

Using foreign objects to hold open.
Automatic nozzles could result in.
Failure to shut-off and personal injury.

A1295 Series of Manual High-flow Nozzle