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New DEF Products


DEF Nozzle A2101-11AS

Due to the highly sensitive nature of AdBlue/DEF,AILE have developed specific dispensing nozzles in an effort to avert contamination. Adblue automatic nozzle features a device that stops the flow when the tank is full. Spill free delivery into the Vehicle requires the use of an Adblue automatic Nozzle. Due to popular demand, the 11A nozzle is now produced entirely from stainless steel and features a three position trigger latch which provides varied flow conditions for different sized Adblue/DEF tanks.


Quick Details

Mechanism: 3-speed lever latch
Flow-rete: 0-45L/M
Liquid: Urea,Water,Chemical
Material: Stainless Steel 304,Viton O-rings and diaphragm
Spout diameter: 18.70mm Fittings: BSPP3/4" , NPT 3/4" inlet
Colour: Blue
Others: with safety cut out valve

Note: Prevents mis-fuelling of AdBlue/DEF into Diesel tank

Packaging & Delivery

Outer packing: 15pcs/ctn, 10pcs/ctn
Carton dimensions: 55 x 34 x 42.5cm, 37.5 x 34 x 43cm
Delivery Detail: 3 weeks


Due to the highly sensitive nature of AdBlue/DEF,AILE developed Stainless Steel Nozzle in an effort to avert contamination.


Before beginning installation of the product, please carefully read all warnings.
Follow all manufacturer’s instructions.
Use safety cones to mark-off work area.
Shut off power to the dispenser and close the emergency shut-off valves under the dispenser.
Relieve system pressure before servicing or replacing dispensing products, such as nozzles, swivels, or breakaways.
If nozzle replacement, remove old nozzle with a wrench. Carefully drain fuel from hose & nozzle into approved container.

Removal Of The Hold-open Latch On The Nozzle

If local codes require that the nozzle cannot have a hold-open latch, please follow these instructions to remove the hold-open latch.
Verify dispenser is turned off.
Place the nozzle on a flat surface. Hold lever in open position and insert a flat-bladed screw driver along side of the hold-open rack. Pry the rack upward and off the rivets.
Caution: Protect your face and other exposed body parts;wear safety glasses.
Make sure broken rivets are removed from the guard. Throw away old parts.
Do not alter the trigger or rack mechanism from its original configuration.
The nozzle shut-off mechanism could be impaired as a result.
Only use authorized AILE repair kits.


DEF Nozzle A2101-11AS